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Best Practices: Engagement Sessions


Location, Location, Location!

The most beautiful engagement photos always seem to come from sessions where the bride and groom have chosen a location that's meaningful to them.  Whether it be a restaurant/bar they frequent together, the beach where he proposed, or even at home, these meaningful locations bring a sense of comfort and ease that allow you to be yourselves in front of the camera.  Being photographed can feel awkward!  Especially if it isn't something you do regularly, choosing a meaningful location can make the experience much more enjoyable for the both of you.



Makeup and Hair

I've had an instance where a client arrived at a session without thinking to fix their hair or do their makeup.  We're all busy, no question about it.  We've all had days where time passes too quickly, there isn't any time for makeup, and a ponytail will just have to do!  However, a bare(and often times, naturally shiny) face, and unkept hair is something I cannot fix in post production.  The camera is generally unkind to the "au natural" approach and it's terribly unfair!  But, what can seem even more upsetting is to receive a final product that is wildly underwhelming.  The photos you see posted on my website showcase moments that have been curated and thoughtfully arranged.  The day of your engagement session should not be fully booked.  Take time to plan ahead and invest in the way you look as it in turn will affect the way you feel!  Use the week heading into your session to boost your confidence in whatever way you'd like, big or small.  Confidence translates beautifully in photographs and my aim is to allow you to feel your best so I can capture your best.  

Can't wait to see you :)

Katrina Kim