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A Date at the Beach - Connie and Aaron's Engagement Session


Connie pulled Aaron along the beach hand-in-hand chasing waves, and pointing out the shadows on the bluffs. It was their first date on at the beach and it wasn't difficult to capture their love.

Connie grew up in Irvine and moved to Taiwan to pursue her career and met Aaron while he was working in Shanghai.  Fast forward a year and a half and here they are, home, ready to walk down the aisle in only five days.  They flew in just a few days before this session, and wow, do they look amazing! 

Aaron is here with his family to familiarize himself with where Connie grew up.  It's another step they're taking as they grow closer together and intertwine their lives as one.  They're staying in the home Connie grew up in, the beaches she frequented as a child, and visiting family and friends she hasn't seen in months.  After jam-packed days of running around finalizing wedding plans and visiting with friends and family-all while fighting jet lag-they took to the beach to rest, relax, and take some time for themselves... I wish them all the love and happiness life can bring.