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Jessie & Will | Springdale, UT


There's something so very authentic and genuine about spending time with a couple and their parents.  Seeing familiar faces from childhood, family portraits from years past hanging on the wall, and everyone gathering around a home-cooked meal allowed Will and Jessie the respite they needed from their busy life in Los Angeles.  In the following days we spent time on Will's family ranch capturing their engagement photos.



Jessie and Will love the great outdoors, in fact, within their first few months of dating, they backpacked overnight in Yosemite. Will remembers the strenuous hike, he looked back at Jessie, checking up on her progress, and saw all of her strength focused on putting one foot in front of the other and it made him sigh and chuckle at her effort . . . and that was just the beginning of what they'd experience together.


Look at this darling mini-horse.  Her name is Juliet, and I have far too many photos of her on my camera and phone.


Earlier this year, Jessie and Will took an amazing trip to Alaska, where they kayaked amidst icebergs, fished for their own Alaskan Salmon, and even hiked 13 miles to the foot of a glacier. Oh, and the best part, Will got on one knee and asked Jessie to spend her life with him! It only made sense to have the beauty of Zion National Park as the backdrop to their engagement session.  


The following day, I caught sight of the light hitting the vegetable garden so perfectly that we just had to take more photos.  These two were great sports about it and the vegetable garden was just perfect.  Humphrey, their french bulldog agrees!


Thank you Will and Jessie for inviting us out to our first trip to Utah, it was beautiful beyond words.  Thank you Mr. and Mrs. L for your love, kindness, and unending hospitality.